TCM Treatments​

All our qualified physicians are registered under TCMPB (Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners Board), will provide careful diagnostic of each patient’s condition before administer the appropriate treatments which can be a combination of acupuncture, cupping, moxibustion and oral medication.

Weight Management

Some of the common factors that contribute to weight gain include water retention, stagnation of “Qi” circulation, Kidney deficiency and Pregnancy weight gain. 

We use 100% safe and natural TCM approach to achieve weight loss. This include boosting of metabolism, suppress appetite and adjusting the “Qi” within the body​.

Acu FaceLift​

TCM acupuncture has been widely used in ancient China for Facial beauty enhancement and firming. This is achieved through stimulating the various acupressure points on our face that boost collagen production and cells rejuvenation